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Originally Posted by cerebrix View Post
historically, im super fickle about my cars...

example, ive bought 3 in 2.5 years

I kind of dreaded the oc auto show coming around because I was certain I was going to see something that was going to put me on my (takeitupthebehindsellingacartoosoon) mode.

but nothing really grabbed me. best part of the show was the new stingray, which is amazing for the money.

but then I went out to the parking lot and was all excited about my car again. the potential it has with the mods I have planned upcoming etc..

then I see another car (I kinda like small cars) that kind of excited me, but the price was too high.

But as Im online tonight, I see a few posts from Deysha and I remember the thing that brought me back to Ford in the first place.

So heres to you Justine (my car). I may look at other girls, but at the end of the day, I guess I'd just rather go home with you
That was very nice, cerebrix!

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