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Airaid cai. Bbk 77mm tb. Mpt tune

So I recently installed my new airaid cai and bbk tb. I must say I am very impressed. The car sounds deeper and growls more. I can feel the increase in speed. Previously I was running a 6.1sec 0-60. With the new parts I'm running a clear 5.2sec. Almost a whole sec difference. Now I'm just waiting on my custom tune to Come. I did install SCT's preloaded tunes which increased my 0-60 to around 4.9 seconds. Of course all these numbers are estimates done by a handheld timer. I returned my car to stock after.

Sadly I did not see any mpg increase like people have stated. I recently was told to reset my KAM which I did but idk how that would help. .. maybe some of u can help me with that? Need to gain some knowledge. I did get a vehicle ID block code after but I cleared the DTCs and it didn't come up again. What does resetting the KAM do and when should I do it? After I did it my car seems to be shifting at different points then before and when I brake the rpms go down to about 500 previously it would be at around 900. I can hear the downshifting when ever I brake. Still, finally my mpg has increased. The car does seem a lot more responsive now though.

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