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Originally Posted by cudaman View Post
Just a guess, but the original molding of your scoop could have had a flaw that only shows up in the colder temps. When it was cooled after molding, it could have developed some inner-tension that causes it to twist up under colder temps. Doesn't show up when warm since it relaxes more and goes back into shape. Find out what material is used for those things and how it reacts under temperature variances. If it was a manufacturing defect affecting lots of these, try to get an exchange. Short of screwing it down, the tape doesn't have enough strength to resist the twisting motion upward it tends toward in colder temps when it contracts from cold. Try to exchange it and explain that you don't want your hood scoop acting like your scrotum on a cold day.
lol.. good advice, I bet they will try everything before replacing the scoop. I have dealer a installed matte black OTT stripe, so a new scoop would require striping as well. Bet they will avoid this as much as possible. I don't want to get ill with them, they have been very nice...but nice doesnt make a scoop stick.

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