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Originally Posted by 2115criss View Post
They don't feel bad for my driving style, but the problem is that my stock rotors have lots of heat spots so I probably won't get the calipers
so what about the rotors is that a good option
The GT calipers are the same as the V6 units, just on bigger brackets to mate proprly with the larger rotors. Go to Roush's ebay store. You will need the rotors and a set of calipers so you can used the brackets. They sell virtually new take-offs from GTs they do their entire brake treatment to, so most of thek have just a handful of miles. Lightly scuff the rotors with scotchbrite pad or fine sandpaper and clean off and oil or dust and they're like new.

I did this upgrade with a fresh set of pads just because I wanted to. Only thing with replacing pads, you will have to compress your caliper pistons to put in fresh, thick pads. I spent $125 on the rotors and $100 on Hawk ceramic pads. Hawk makes different grades of pads for everything from track use to performance street applications. EBC also makes good pads.

I am happy with the $225 I spent. One caveat is since I did pads and rotors at the same time, I don't know how much the rotors did on their own. My gut tells me thr rotors give me a stronger initial bite when I hit the brakes and the pads give a little better pedal feel and less fade. I wasn't real impressed with the stock "Performance Package" brake pads. Now, I am happy and will eventually put in some higher grade brake fluid. No reason you have to drop a few grand on brakes unless you trwck the car all the time.

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