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Originally Posted by t0ad View Post
I've had slotted/crossdrilled rotors on cars before, and honestly, for a daily driver.. all they do is chew up pads faster. Stick with high quality blanks. I've used Hawk HPS pads in the past and never been disappointed by them.

Oh, and regardless of what you choose, make sure you bed-in your new pads properly for best performance. Hawk recommends 6-10 moderate stops from 35mph, then 2-3 hard stops from 45mph, then park and let them cool off completely.
I was on the fence between the Hawk HPS and Ceramics. I went with the ceramics in the interest of less dust. Probably wouldn't have been a big deal with my dark gray wheels.

+1 on the proper bedding procedure. You can feel the brakes grabbing better towards the last stops. Good advice which I forgot to mention.

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