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I found myself eyeballing these kits even though I generally steer clear of nitrous. I like the idea of a small, conservative shot. I have no desire to spray a 125 shot for any reason. To me that's just a bit too drastic. However, keeping in mind the 50-75 shots, do I really think it's worth all the dyno tuning time, potential pooling of nitrous, inability to swap tunes on the fly, etc. for those kinds of power gains? Not really.

I like to have my power all the time but, that's why I like all motor builds. You plan for one situation and you focus all your efforts at that, I feel like you'll be more successful and satisfied. No need to manage boost, methanol, nitrous, etc. but, bang for the buck if this is your thing, is certainly apparent with this kit. But for a little more than a couple grand on top of that price, you can have those horsepower levels on demand with boost.
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