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interesting.... i started my car up yesterday when i was leaving my car meet, and my buddy in his 2012 5.0 started his up at the same time. We both left together and came up to a light and hes like lets run, and i looked down and my car was still cold and i didnt want to get on it yet, i told him that and he said his needle is in the middle..

now it could of had something to do with my heat being on in the car when i started it, having a lower degree thermostat or my high power procharger fan... but his car was at operating temps a lot faster then mine.

but i do agree with you, making short distance trips is annoying especially with a manual, the car really rives like crap when its cold. it bucks more, and just doest feel as fluid as it does when it is fully warmed up.

Thats why I take my jeep if im just going around the block, it doesnt care if its warm or cold, it just goes like a jeep should

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