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Question Getting Smogged, AB 2289, and California Air Resources Board

So farting around the net I came across the following and wondered if anyone going through a smog check has experienced the new process...

-"Effective on January 1, 2013, AB 2289 will amend the way all auto shops perform smog checks on vehicles made after 1999. No longer will they be tested out of the tailpipe reading portion of the smog test but instead the test will rely entirely on the On Board Diagnostic system (OBD II)."

-"Whereas the old method tested your tailpipe emissions to measure harmful pollutant output from the tailpipe, a visual inspection for present and properly installed emissions components, and a OBDII check, the new method is much more mod-friendly for most enthusiasts."

-"One can safely deduce that MILSPEC and OBDII parameters will play a huge part in this process, which is good news… right??? Not so fast, as the other part of the AB 2289 bill that has already launched and is currently in action is the Station and Technician Report (STAR) Performance Rating. Previously called the Gold Shield Program, the STAR program will provide performance ratings for all licensed technicians and stations. Vehicles that fall under the STAR program, which is mandated by the CARB board for vehicles older than 10 years, will be forced to undergo stringent smog testing under surveillance. If your modified car is selected to undergo this STAR testing, you are pretty much done for unless you can return the car to it’s factory equipped status."

I had my Ranger smogged in March and it still was the old dyno/tailpipe method. Anyone work in a shop that does smogs or have any info about what the deal is and what it means if a smog is just a plug and read? Can I put on a fuelsaver tune before the test? Will it make a difference?

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