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Mine tipped the scales at 3250 with driver, now minus 68 pounds. The car was mini-tubbed, has Chris Alston ladder bars, and Koni coil overs. 10/90 Comp Eng. shocks on the front. The trans. is a JPT full roller C4 with transbrake, B&M Pro Ratchet shifter. I launch the car on a limiter that holds it at 4800 RPM. When I release the T/B it flashes to 6600 . (Playback tach) and the shift lite is set at 7400 (it actually shifts at 7800 by the playback). The converter is an S5 series from
The motor made peak power at 7400 RPM (618) and peak torque was pretty much a flat line from 5400-6400 (456). When I switched to the N2O cam I lost about 55 ft/lbs of torque, but figured the nitrous would make up for it. It did. 1.360 60 foot. The heads were prepped by TEA, 2.05x1.64 Ferrea's, 5 angle, triple springs. They heads were then shipped to Wilson Manifolds in Florida who did the S. Victor. 371 CFM per port. all within 1 per cent of each other. The car was NHRA certified in April for sub tens, and I got my S/C, S/G license a few years ago.


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