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Originally Posted by USAFS197 View Post

I have to say that I'm completely perplexed by a lot of the feedback I've seen regarding an as of yet, undisclosed 2015 Mustang. It seems that people are utterly disappointed that they've changed their design direction regardless of the fact that they're catering to a global market now and not just Americans.

People need to get past the idea that it's not going to be a reincarnation of a '67 GT500 Eleanor or a slightly refreshed version of the '13-14 Mustangs. Retro is gone and I welcome it. I've owned 4 Mustangs and I don't think any of it's heritage is lost by adopting a more modern architecture and a much needed facelift.

If the Mustang is to survive on a global platform, they need to evolve or die. If that means it adopts a more modern appearance and improved suspension geometry along with a higher level of tech to keep this pony under control, then I think Ford will have a winner on their hands.
The way I see it, the Mustang is an iconic American muscle car. Ford should just make a different car for the global market, like the fusion or focus who do have a long history. And anyways, the globe loves the classic mustang muscle car.

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