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Originally Posted by AMDanBailer View Post
I would definitely recommend picking up a set of Lower Control Arms. They will help you squat harder off the line and help a ton with weight transfer. I would also recommend picking up an Upper Control Arm. This can be used to adjust the pinion angle when you lower your car or are running a 1-piece driveshaft! I picked up a half a second in the quarter mile from UCA's, LCA's and a 1-piece aluminum drive shaft. My car gets off the line extremely hard now and has absolutely no wheel hop!

I hope this helps. Hit me up if you have any questions or need some assistance. You can also hit up my CS team a call if need be. They can be reached at the contact information in my signature!


Whiteline did have a couple of issues with their control arms when they first came out, there's no denying that! However, I think they handled the issue very well and made sure all of their customers were taken care of. With Safety and Function being first on their mind, they recalled all inventory and completely revamped the Whiteline line of products! I can't say to much just yet but I'm going to leak a photo for you guys.

Here's a photo of the new Whiteline Upper Control arm that's coming out. The welds are insane, better/bigger bushings, three times as thick as the original design! You be the judge, Let me know what you think..

It looks a lot like Steeda's UCA. I had one in my hand less than 2 hours ago while I was at Steeda getting my LCA relocation brackets welded in.
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