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You went in for 5000 mile check and no one noticed a bad shock(s)? You didn't either???? What did the Ford safety check list show? Your Service Adviser should have given you a copy. The checklist is one way dealers "sell" warranty work, so disregard the previous commenter. If there is a verifiable problem, warranty or not, no fraud is involved. Remember, it's still your decision whether to make the repair or not. If you had decided to use your dealer to do the state safety inspection, just about any problem found would most likely be warranty, so how can that be fraud? Besides, suspension is a safety issue, so particular attention is paid to those areas.

This is the first thread I've seen about multiple bad shocks on a single car with only 5000 miles. So, I'm guessing Ford factory shocks hold up just fine - mine were still fine when I installed a set of Koni's at 36,000. I didn't change mine because they were inferior, like many others, I swapped out because I wanted a more aggressiveness to my ride and stance. So again, I would ignore the negative comments about Ford quality unless it's backed up with specifics. Part of the problem with this forum is too many people post BS comments with no validity.

For your part, if you had two bad shocks, surely your ride and handling would have changed so much that I wonder how you didn't notice any change between the time you left the dealer and two weeks later. Your shocks most likely failed very close to the same time, sometime AFTER you left the dealer ansd I suspect some sort of road damage. I also can't help but wonder how you didn't notice that siting in and driving the car. I would pay closer attention and maybe think about your driving habits....slow down over speed bumps, potholes, etc.... Ultimately, it's your responsibility.

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