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Originally Posted by AMShaneLesky View Post
Congrats on hitting your goals EtnRicers5.0! 12.5's is an impressive feat for barely any mods. I like how you only tuned the car, but mostly focused on putting the power to the ground, instead of adding more power. That's how you truly find a cars potential.

I'm excited to see what you run in the spring of 2014! I'm sure 12.0's is within reach. Good luck!

thanks a lot! And yep, the only "power" i added was an SCT chip with BAMA tunes and yes, they did help. The race tune alone dropped 2 tenths and added 2mph on my ET so I am a believe that a mail order tune can work, IK a lot of guys dont believe in them. And next year is all suspension for me, no sense making more power if all im gonna do is spin right? Anxious for spring, shopping spree time! :-)

Originally Posted by Sharad View Post
You know I'll give you the best deal I can. Just keep up the good work. You're doing great.
You're the man Sharad! And I was hoping you could give me some advice knowing my possible budget and what I wanna do(suspension front and back, k-member, driveshaft, rack n pinion, torque box reinforcment upper/lower), what you think should be the first to do knowing i may only have a $1500ish limit, give or take a couple hundred. I'd love to do all of that in the spring, but I can only do what I can afford and I wanna do what is gonna help my car and show in the ET's most first. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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