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Originally Posted by cerebrix View Post
I guess I should give a little more detail on why I chose AFE Power over everyone else (and yes, I do have a sponsorhip so full disclosure. but keep in mind, I had 3 other intake sponsorships lined up I turned down for AFE).

heres my intake..

Theres a few reasons why these guys impressed me so much.

1) not that most of you would care, but theyre a socal tuner. we invented the automotive aftermarket here in socal at the end of WWII. I take a lot of pride in that fact.

2) AFE is owned by former K&N Engineers (hence why theyre just down the freeway from K&N

3) They make everything in house in Corona, CA

4) They are the only company to use 5 different weaves of filter material for better flow and filtering. Let me explain what that means. Most filters are gauze. Most companies just buy huge rolls in bulk, stack them, cut them, press them into a wire frame, and then seal the ends with rubber. AFE uses 5 DIFFERENT weaves. the outer most layer is the loosest, progressively getting tighter and tighter with each layer. this flows better, it also filters better, they also test their filters in house and if you saw the machine (I wish I had taken a picture) of the machine that they use to test filtering youd be shocked. its like a tornado machine that just blows dirt all over the filter and it has a measurement machine inside that has a sensor that gauges how many dirt particles got through.

5) the filter wire is always rolled, never bent to make the "zig zags". They have a machine for that too, its pretty crazy the attention to detail they have.

6) they offer both oiled and dry filters. but their oiled filters are best and they spent a fortune developing a different oil for their purposes. my tour guide mentioned that reformulation was one of the reasons the founders that started the company left K&N in the first place.

7) they have 2 dynos to test performance results. A mustang dyno and a dynojet. when you read their hp claims, you know they get them, because each filter is tested on both dynos no less than 20 runs throwing the high and low runs out. if anything, they under rate them.

8) more than 60% of the company is in product development and each degreed engineer has no less than 2 technicians at his disposal

9) the end cap seals for their filters are urethane, not rubber. more resistant to heat, and seals better. its not the cheapest way to do it, but it is the best

10) they have years of experience cranking out high quality filters. they used to build all of TRD's filters

I could probably think of more reasons, but I think that's enough off the top of my head. I really believe in what they are doing over there. Theres a reason the BMW m series guys rave about their filters. its because they are, in my humble opinion, simply the best.
Great post Cerebrix. If I didn't already have an Airaid I would probably buy that intake. I've been on a kick or trying to support whatever products are made here in the USA that aren't prohibitively expensive on my very modest budget. That tubing looks like it would provide more intake burble than my Airaid, and the Airaid was a pain to wedge in there which may be an issue some point down the road.

Stupid question though; why use metal tubing in a (very) hot engine bay when plastic is a much worse thermal conductor?

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