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I think you need to get more stickers on your car (:

Now really, headers will not change the tone in any way......and as far as headers go (quality)....
In general, the head plate should be at least 3/8" (1/2" is best), tubing should be at least 16 gauge (14 is best).....otherwise leaks and burn-though are going to be a problem as well as the longetivity of the headers...that's how you tell a good header from the c4rap (at least one of the ways)

Also...take all the PR materials from Borla or any other "player" and throw them in the "circular file"......learn about component design, as compared to what you specifically need, then search for the mfg that builds that product to that spec.....

if you purchase products in any other way, you're just handing a "sale-person" a crapload of $ with very little in return..............

IMHO of course.........

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