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Originally Posted by Shoot em UP View Post
So, the only two companies I know about are BBK and Borla for long tubes. Problem is, its really hard to tell what these will sound like in person as youtube videos just don't capture the high rev sound at all with these exhaust. I currently have Borla ATAKs on my v6, and friking LOVE the sound at all RPM, and I really don't want to sacrifice that note. Obviously headers will change that up, but from what I can tell Borlas do give it some raspyness I would not like. I have always wanted to run full borla exhaust, if nothing else just to be able to say that, but from youtube videos the BBK's seem to sound better, although I don't trust BBK as far as I can throw them (although I am not really basing that on any concrete reason, I just know I trust borla).

As far as power goes, I also assume Borla will make the most power, although at this point a few HP here and there isn't a huge issue. I have a JLT CAI, BAMA 91 race tune, and the ATAK's and would like to give the car a bit more power and sound.

Any suggestions on what will sound good, or suggestions on how I can make Borla headers sound good with ataks? I also don't really want to wake the dead... well maybe a little
With long tubes you're going to also need to change your midpipe with the cats, it doesn't bolt up. As you're in California, you won't be able to pass smog with long tubes so that is definitely something to consider. You already have one of the loudest axlebacks out there, with the LT headers and aftermarket midpipe it's going to be pretty much as loud as possible with a full exhaust.

You're looking at a peak HP gain over shorty headers, but a hell of a lot more money and complexity when you need to get smogged, and an extremely loud, raspy V6. I personally hate the sound of an aggressive LT exhaust on the 3.7, and really any V6 in general but I can assure you that youtube videos do no justice to how loud it will be.

Anyways, for LTs, midpipe and install, you're looking at well over $1,000.

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