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Originally Posted by Shoot em UP View Post
Yea, I think LT's even with resonators might be a bit much as a daily driver... People already know I'm coming from a mile away, don't need to make it even more insane. So at this point the shorties are looking enticing. But it leads me back to the very simple question. Is there a point to them? I know LT's will make power, lots of power... How well would the shorties do with stock xpipe and cats? Granted I could swap those out for performance cats or go catless, but at that point why would I not just go LT's... I'm not so concerned with power and torque, but I'm also not just buying these for sound.... Anyone have an idea of what kind of gains I can expect with stock cats and x with my atak mufflers? Would it be as noticeable as for instance my ataks were (I felt the difference when I put those on, as opposed to my CAI which was mostly just added engine noise IMO).

I know if I actually wanted more pull I should get some 3.73 gears, as I still have stock 2.93 or 2.73 or whatever they are... But that will come later when I don't have as much highway driving in my life...
Shorties will provide some low-mid range torque while LT and midpipe will provide a little bit more top-end power. My shorties actually came in the mail today so I'll let you know how I like them once they're installed. If I owned Ataks I don't think I could live with any other exhaust mods. Consider selling them and getting something cheaper while putting the money towards the rest of your exhaust? My Dynomax catback is deep and not raspy and dirt cheap

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