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Getting my shorty headers today and just emailed Bama. Not sure if anything will even need to be changed adding those but I'm just not that impressed with my 93R tune. It seems more tame compared to the 91H tune I had, though maybe, possibly, some of that could be attributed to the engine running smoother on the higher octane.

I guess I could try loading the 93H to see how I like it, but impressions after a week or so aren't very positive. I also haven't reset my adaptive throttle in a LONG time so that may be playing a part, but that won't actually affect power numbers, right?
Update: Changed over to the 93H tune from the 93R and am much happier. Powerband is MUCH improved, though I do miss the throttle response. The 93R was amazingly smooth, for whatever reason, but the 93H reminds you that you have 6 cylinders firing. I do miss the throttle response but I'll definitely get some of that back by resetting the adaptive throttle. I strongly suggest that any disappointed by the 93R check out the 93H, it's completely different in the low-mid range with the top-end of the race tune.

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