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10/17/2013 Update - Both control arms have been replaced; but the Mustang remains in the shop. Today is the eighth day. Replacing the control arms eliminated 90-95% of the noise according to the Lead Mechanic. However, some noise remains when traveling over speed bumps etc., so they are bringing in an engineer to see if they can determine exactly where the origin of the problem is. They used a mechanics stethoscope yesterday but apparently that was not conclusive.

Apparently there have been seven (7) versions of the TSB regarding the control arm issue. Though the first Ford dealer replaced the front left control arm on my car in May 2013, a new version was released by Ford in July 2013. I am pleased that Bowen Scarff Ford is being thorough; my frustration lies with Ford Motor Company and the first Ford dealer I took the car to for service (and where it was purchased). Not only did that dealer service center not fix the control arm problem, they dented the hood of the car while it was in their possession, and then totally ignored my repeated attempts to resolve the issues. I tried working with both the service manager and general manager, and neither responded. "Lame" doesn't begin to describe that dealership.

As for FMC, I can't believe they are putting cars like this out on the street. What happened to Ford quality control? I've been buying Ford's since I was 16 - and I'm 53 now. In fact my uncle was the general manager of the Bowen Scarff dealership for most of the 1970's and 1980's; every car I bought during that time came from that dealership. The only problem I ever had was with a 1973 Pinto (they tended to blow up when rear-ended). Granted, a control arm issue does not rise to the level of burning alive in an exploding vehicle, but still - it's pretty damn annoying. And now seven TSBs for the same issue? Why can't FMC get it right? Why are they subjecting owners and dealer service staff to these absurdities? It boggles the mind.
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