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same problem here. i've had my front LCAs replaced once already and they started grinding less than 1000 miles later. it's a pain to drop off my car for a day so i am just living with it for now.

from reading other threads, ford will replace the LCAs as many times as you bring the car in but since they are not adjustable, they will always grind and make your car sound like granny's bed springs. they're doing their best to live up to the old acronym Fix Or Repair Daily.

at any rate, if you plan to keep the car for a while, like i do, the only solution that makes sense is to pay out of pocket for new LCAs and be done with ford bullsh!t. if you feel litigious, get your LCAs replaced 3 or 4 times and invoke lemon laws to force them to buy back the car or pay you. i think if enough people did this they would actually fix the problem instead of replacing bad parts with the exact same bad parts.
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