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Originally Posted by StangFan25 View Post
Sorry but that's just B.S.! Shorties are definitely worth it, they offer decent gains and torque. What was the BAMA reps name, so I can make sure not to deal with that person!
Lol, wish I knew his name. Honestly, if they do make a difference, should there be a difference in the tune? I did read somewhere that someone was dataloging his car for a Steeda tune I believe and they did notice a difference and accounted for it in the new tune. Should I expect BAMA to write a modified tune even though they seem to think it is unnecessary? From what I remember, the post talked about the shorties creating the car to run leaner up at higher revs, but honestly I don't remember. And I don't think I will be able to convince BAMA to put shorties on a car and go test it out for me.. lol

Also, I run a 91 race tune, should I ask for a hybrid tune? I feel the race tune had better throttle response and power than street, so why would I want a mix of the two? I know I can always try it out and swap back, but does anyone have any input as how they actually differ real world, as in how they feel comparatively?

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