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I filed a complaint with our state's Attorney General and would encourage everyone who has or is dealing with this same issue to do likewise. To knowingly continue to manufacture and sell vehicles with a known defect such as this, shows total disregard for consumers. The text of my complaint is as follows:

Explanation of complaint:
Ford Motor Company has been dealing with front control arm failures on their Mustang models for years; since at least 2011. This is a known defect that has resulted in no fewer than seven Technical Service Bulletins, and yet the problem persists. Ford Motor Company continues to manufacture and sell vehicles with this known defect.
This defect is apparent in my 2012 Ford Mustang which I purchased new in April 2012. My vehicle has been in Ford dealerships twice for the same failure. If the problem persists I will of course pursue recourse through the Lemon Law; however it's apparent that this manufacturer has little regard for manufacturing defect-free vehicles. Consumers should be made aware that this is a known defect for which the manufacturer has no response to, other than reissuing Technical Service Bulletins that have not resolved this issue.

Complaint as Public Record: Yes
Disclosure Notices: Yes

If nothing else, FMC can waste as much staff time responding to 50 states' attorney general inquiries, as their customers have wasted in Ford service departments.
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