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Originally Posted by Colby2013 View Post
Who is installing them if you don't mind me asking? I was quoted almost $500 for install.
I texted him to see if he doesn't mind me giving you his number. I am supplying the parts, so its $180 for labor. I know what you mean by the $500 for labor at other shops, made me tempted to do it myself.

Originally Posted by 2Manystangs View Post
the car will drive so much better you will wonder what in the world Ford was thinking with the stock takes 500 miles for break in, the tires will show no alter effects unless you do more burn outs, racing etc...
Chevy trash talk? Can you say "bail out", not to mention most hard core Chevy guys hate the Slowmaro..I will admit the new tail lights finally address one of the glaring styling issues of the car
Do I change the rear end gear oil at 500 miles? I will let my wife do that, I did that on my Camaro and that fluid stinks.

I like my Camaro for the color and style, good daily driver also. Upgrading it with a Vortech supercharger added quite a bit of fun. I probably pissed off a few of the Camaro owners though by saying if they wanted a good drag car, get a 5.0, lighter and faster than a SS. I also love the exhaust note on the 5.0, much better than the LS3.* Chevy needs to get the next generation Camaro weight down, then we will have a good pony car war. 3.7 is a good engine also, sounds good and has good torque. Just wish Vortech had a kit for it so I can use the same supercharger oil.

Excited about getting these gears in and I'm the one that has to race against them. Already have LCA's, still need to get a suspension package to get rid of the truck handling (my Camaro has upgraded suspension).

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Closest finish @ the line = Wife by 0.0028 seconds (4.79 inches)

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