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I'm with Old5Oh on this one. The Fox's looked nothing like a "Mustang" yet many of us loved them, in fact cut our teeth on them.

Except for the rear tail lights, the SN95's didn't look very "Mustang-like" either, yet they have a rabid following (I'd still give a body part or 2 to get a really nice, low mileage Terminator).

Our s197's are beautiful cars. I happen to have a soft spot for 10-12 style (I have a 12, so imagine that, right?) My brothers red 06 GT was a beautiful car, too.

Things do change, and the way cars look, well that's purely subjective, right? Some people are going to love the new cars, and others, not so much. I can understand why some don't like the looks of some of the renderings we have seen so far, there are things about them I don't like, either.

That said, we really won't know until we are actually standing there looking at one in person. I was like that when the 13's came out. There were aspects of the front grill/ back fascia that I just didn't like in pictures, that ended up looking really cool on the real car as it was driving down the road.

We really shouldn't knock the new car until we actually see it. And drive it. It looks like they will be offering something for everyone: A turbo 4 for the old SVO crowd, a V6 for the having the cake and eating it too crowd, and a V8 for those of us in the must have the ground pounding sound club. Less weight and more power, too.

I am looking forward to it myself

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