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Originally Posted by PW_Pony View Post
I agree. The stock rear lca's are flimsy stamped pieces that are prone to flexing. Aftermarket lca's are much more substantial parts and are a relatively inexpensive mod. My BMR lcas more or less cured my wheel hop, letting me get better traction. It will still hop on a wet surface occasionally, but I think that might have more to do with my current tires than anything.

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Actually more about bushing stiffness than stiffness of the arms themselves.

And an upper arm would finish curing all your wheel hop issues.

Originally Posted by Shoot em UP View Post
Sorry, didn't mean hook up on launches. I meant stay flatter through cornering. I agree, LCA will be a needed upgrade, that is pretty inexpensive, but I am talking more about overall handling and body role reduction.
Answer is still tires first, sway bars second for handling.

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