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I think this is more of a "generational" thing. Those of us who have had (and still have) several generations of Mustangs are open to the new model, where those who have only had the current gen are tearing their clothes because the car is changing.

I grew up with the Fox and love them, and contrary to many here, even though it doesn´t "look" like a first gen Mustang or any previous one, it still is 100% Mustang, the body proportions are there, the way they drive and handle, the seating position, the fun to drive etc.

I currently have 3 Mustangs, a 1981 302 V8, a 03 GT and a 10 V6... despite all the advance in technology and size differences... you´d be surprised that ALL drive like Mustangs.

I love the current gen, save for the fact that its too big and heavy, and I can´t wait to see the 50th anny car, I´m sure it WILL be the best Mustang ever, just like every new generation has gotten better than the previous one.

So far all there´s out are renders and heavily masked spy shots. Its difficult to say if you like it or not.

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