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Originally Posted by the5 View Post
Maybe once to the drag strip, I like road racing alot more.
ok im going to say something here because I really really want you to like your car.

do your absolute best to just acknowledge your car as a super fun street and strip car. do whatever it takes to convince yourself of that.

that does not mean you shouldn't hit the road course. its what I prefer to do most. its also where the lions share of my track time has been spent over the last 2 years.

the reason im mentioning this here, is because I don't want to see you go though what ive seen a few friends go through with auto's. that being, you jumping down a black hole of chassis work trying to make that auto squirt out of corners, and go into corners, or carry speed through turns, the way only a manual car can.

also you really need to acknowledge a dual clutch transmission car is not equal to (in any way shape or form) and automatic on track.

again, I realize this sounds harsh. but ive had 2 friends now dump 6-7 k into their cars, only to sell them, go upside down on both the car and mods only to start all over again just to get a manual (in many cases, tranny swaps are cost prohibitive for most.

I just want you to love that car man. so take my advice under consideration. that's all I ask. I think you'll continue to love that car 2 years down the road if you do.

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