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Originally Posted by Shoot em UP View Post
Ok, so if I am planning to hold out on tires until I need new ones, which is probably 15-20k miles away, I should get the sway bar now as my first upgrade?

Also, the LCA do seem pretty enticing. Look really easy to install and are pretty cheap. They just mainly help on launching and wheel hop? And when everyone tells me it will fix wheel hop, as in how our solid rear axle likes to jump around when you hit a bump in a turn? Is that "wheel hop" that everyone refers to? Because that has gotten me almost killed more than once... Would love to get rid of that.
That's not the wheel hop I'm referring to, although it did help that a little. Shocks struts and springs will help more in that area.

Wheel hop like what I'm talking about happens when you launch and you're spinning but on the cusp of getting traction. Basically it's causing the rear suspension to load and unload in rapid succession which in turn makes the axle jump up and down. Its fairly hard on the drive line and I've seen axles and diffs destroyed from it.

That's about as good as I can explain it. It'd be easier if I could just show you lol. Not too great at explaining things like that.

Hope that helps!

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