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Originally Posted by Shoot em UP View Post
Lol, wish I knew his name. Honestly, if they do make a difference, should there be a difference in the tune? I did read somewhere that someone was dataloging his car for a Steeda tune I believe and they did notice a difference and accounted for it in the new tune. Should I expect BAMA to write a modified tune even though they seem to think it is unnecessary? From what I remember, the post talked about the shorties creating the car to run leaner up at higher revs, but honestly I don't remember. And I don't think I will be able to convince BAMA to put shorties on a car and go test it out for me.. lol

Also, I run a 91 race tune, should I ask for a hybrid tune? I feel the race tune had better throttle response and power than street, so why would I want a mix of the two? I know I can always try it out and swap back, but does anyone have any input as how they actually differ real world, as in how they feel comparatively?
Yup that's exactly what was happening and that was me. I had the shorties on the car and noticed that it would run weird sometimes and run hard others. The datalogs revealed that the car was leaning out in the 2500-4000 rpm range and from 5500-7000 rpm. To stop the engine from running to lean, it would limit the throttle and not open up the throttle body all the way when I went WOT. The values for commanded throttle and actual throttle position were off at times by a decent amount.

After the tune it felt much better... in my case at least. Some say that a retune is not required... but after the retune the car performed much better and I raced a friend before the retune and was close to him and after I began to pull right as I hit the gas. I also lost throttle response that I got back and then some after the retune. I'm very pleased with the gains from the shorty headers + lethal midpipe.

The shorties are a nice upgrade, and a good way to have a full exhaust in California that can easily be swapped out to pass emissions by putting the stock midpipe on.

Either way you have 5 years I think until you need to smog the car.

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