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Originally Posted by MustangInTexas View Post
Cars in the 90s had a much sexier look to them. Including the Mustang. Then in the last decade, cars started to have to be more aggressive looking. This got more and more so and today cars have to be very aggressive looking or they're ugly. Maybe Ford can bring sexy back. There's nothing wrong with a sexy pony car, especially if it can blow the doors off everything else.
I'd agree...all it takes is one look at that new Jaguar, also why can't Ford have two sports cars? Keep the "retro" design and newer rolled out as another classic name "Cougar?", how about another T bird?

Personally I'm looking more and more at that new Scion..small, quick, tuned, great revving mpg 4 banger, 6spd and best of all it's around 25K...tons of parts coming for it? Sounds more like a Mustang than the Mustang, not to mention I'll bet the new Stang will look eerily like it...just bigger, just like 94 when everyone thought "oh no, it's a Celica"...nothing ever changes folks
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