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Originally Posted by Shoot em UP View Post
Awesome! Thanks for the input. And what do you mean by clunking? That doesn't sound good...
When you drive over a bump at slow speed, the rear makes a 'clunk' sound. I think it has to do with the fact that the Eibachs top mount in the back is narrower than the factory mount so it can move around. I have yet to get back under my car and try adding washers (spacers) to tighten this down. Actually, it much less now then when I first installed them.

Originally Posted by PW_Pony View Post
I agree. Shocks , struts and a set of springs could eliminate most if not all of the body roll. Sway bars are def low on my list. ]
Sway bars are made exactly for this reason. They are there to lessen the body roll (or sway). Doing expensive lowering and struts, and all, can do it but way not go right to the source? Trust me, upgraded sway bars really change the handling in corners and without adding harshness to the ride.

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