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Originally Posted by toomnymods View Post
my driveway has a pretty insane slope to it so it'd have to be done in the garage
lol my garage has a ton of fish tanks in there for my business but i guess i could move one out of the way if you guys really think a 300lb 6' fat guy could slip underneathe without getting crushed to death,lol
yea might be worth the trouble to save 200.00 being that money doesnt grow on trees these days..
Big gut aside (har har) you can do it. It's worth it to move junk out of the way to perform the install on a safe, level surface. Btw, it's totally worth it to have 4 jack stands to raise up the whole car, not just the front so you have plenty of clearance. ANYONE with middle of the road mechanical skills can do this job by themselves with basic tools and enough time and patience.

On the other hand, 220$ is a fair estimate for 2-2.5 hrs of labor for a qualified mechanic that will stand behind their work if you are uncomfortable performing it yourself. There are plenty of youtube vids out there, have a look and do what is best for you.
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