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Will a MGW shifter solve the infamous 1st > 2nd gear clunk?

I have that issue that has been so frequently reported, with my 6-speed manual tranny making a clunking noise when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. I've searched and read many posts about it.

I can feel the shifter resisting the shift into 2nd gear as I pull it back, and the clunk is very audible when it then pops into place. It started happening a few hundred miles into my car's break-in period, and has persisted ever since. Every other gear is fine. This only happens when the car is cold--after driving a few miles it goes away. With my first winter coming up on this new Mustang, I'm afraid if might get worse.

Since this is a 2014 GT, I presume it already has the transmission additive that people are saying helps, installed at the factory.

I've tried the suggestion to pull the shifter diagonally toward me as I shift into 2nd--this doesn't help.

I asked my dealership if they had a technical bulletin for the issue on my model year, and he entered my VIN number and found nothing. He says he's felt this in other Mustangs that he's driven though, so he knew what I was referring to.

My question is, has anybody else who had this clunk noticed that it got better, or worse, after installing a MGW shifter? My concern is that if I install the shifter and the clunk remains, then I might not be able to get Ford warranty service on it if it gets any worse. If it helps with the clunk though, then I definitely want this shifter.

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