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Second 3.7 now in the driveway

Well I recently traded "down" from my 2011 F150 FX4 to a 2012 premium V6 auto. The truck payments were killing me.

I have to say after about 3,000 miles on the new premium I had some observations I thought I would share with everyone.

First, the car came with after market bullit style wheels and Pirelli PZero Nero tires, and otherwise stock.

The tires whine like I have never heard in a car before, these tires are much noisier than the bf Goodrich eagle f1 supercar tires on my '13 PP V6.

Second, the transmission shifting, I have found that with my somewhat spirited driving style I have come to prefer the shifting of the '12 better than the '13, Ford clearly made a slight tweak to the shift points and the '13 is more docile than the '12 in everyday driving.

In spirited(okay okay, hard) driving the shifting is okay, in a straight shot going once, then slowing down for another go. In the twistys and hard driving through traffic it sucks, the '13 certainly seems to perceive what gear selection I prefer while driving hard better, never mind the sport shift mode. The sport shift mode in the '13 compared to the hill assist mode in the '12 isn't a competition, the '13 sport mode is significantly better at down shifting, holding gears longer, etc. and the select shift feature in the '13 is far more refined and precise than 1,2,3 shifting the '12, the vague meer suggestion of a shift in the '12 is terrible compared to the '13, and the '13 isn't all that spectacular either.

Lastly, the handling in the '12 is far more vague and floaty, especially in the rear than the '13. This certainly due to the PP's bigger sway bars, higher spring rates, bigger, lower profile tires and the strut tower brace.

So in conclusion I can say I far prefer the '13 PP V6 as a spirited driving car over the '12, the '12 is a nicer more comfortable long haul driver though with it plusher suspension and the 2.73 rear getting 3.5-4 mpg's better than the PP in highway driving and far better than that in spirited driving. My biggest complaint has to be the shifting of the '12 I have found that generally speaking I really do not like shifting of it and would take the '13's shift parameters any day of the week over the '12.

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