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Originally Posted by ALSaul View Post
Good Day to you Todd M - I was wondering what exact system you selected from since I can not find any for the Mustang.

I also wondered if anyone had considered the Navi-Empire FD13MG-67534GPS X&coliid=I3UWJXULLDUPIB ?

It "appears" to have most everything. I would consider having the Ford OEM unit installed, but I can not find it ANYWHERE and I get the feeling that the dealership will not install it after the car is purchased.

ANY input(s) would be welcomed and greatly appreciated.
Seems like you posted this back in March yet I am just getting the email update on it now? I don't remember what I checked out as it was quite a while back. I do like that Navi-Empire unit though. I wonder if it has all the connections in the back along with sub woofer control.

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