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Originally Posted by cerebrix View Post
btw jsimmons your blog is something I hit weekly. for me you truly are an inspiration.

but note I said cost prohibitive for some. obviously, youre the last guy on the planet that applies to.

but lets say, it costs 4 grand for someone to tranny swap (im pulling a number out of my ass there so keep that in mind).

for some 2 grand is the most they'll be able to come up in in a year or 2 if they live paycheck to paycheck. that just seems impossible to them now.

but 2 grand is a mighty fine down payment with a trade in if you aren't upside down too bad. that's all I meant by that.
I think it would be closer to $5k (if we're talking new parts). You could cut that in half if you go to a salvage yard or buy off craigslist.

I've looked and looked, but I can't find the pedal assembly (you need to swap out your auto pedals for manual pedals) on a Ford parts website, so I think the only place to get it is a salvage yard. That's the only part I can't find a new-in-box price for.

Update: BUT WAIT! I decided to give the part number search another shot, and actually found it! The pedal assembly part number is CR3Z2455A, and it fits 2011-2013 Mustangs. It costs $127 from Tousley Ford. You probably also have to get a wiring harness to make it work, but I don't have that part number (yet).

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