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The way you guys are talking I'm thinking its going to be easier to resist a foursome with 3 college girls than to resist stomping on the throttle before the break-in period is over.

Originally Posted by David Young View Post
I hate to tell you but your wife's Mustang, after the gear change is going to be pretty even with your Camaro in a 1/4th mile .
She might after the way my car was running last night. I had the tune at 11.5 in boost but for some reason it was at 13:1 in boost with a spike to 14:1 while pulling 8 degrees of timing. Having to get a tune that's richer to maybe fix the issue. I hate having an engine that can't be dyno tuned, you Mustang owners are lucky. When we get a ProCharger installed on the wife's Mustang, going to get it dyno tuned and leave it at that.

Saw an awesome Nissan GT-R last night running 9.5 @ 151 mph, they were shooting for the record of 8.75 seconds. Not bad for just a "V6".

Wife = 2012 Mustang V6 Premium Grabber Blue BBK CAI, BBK LT w/ HFC, Borla ATAK, MPT Tune, DSS Driveshaft, 3.73 FRPP Gears, BMR LCA's | Best = 13.5 @ 105
Husband = 2010 Camaro V6 Synergy Green Edition IPF Supercharger Best = 12.5 @ 111
Closest finish @ the line = Wife by 0.0028 seconds (4.79 inches)

Also own a 2014 Mustang GT Premium, Brembo Package, 401A, Comfort Package, Shaker Pro System, Pedestal Spoiler
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