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I went to MIR for a track rental on Friday, so had a chance to compare the tunes that I have from D&L (Doug), Bama, and MPT. I ordered the MPT after reading great reviews and wanted to compare them.

I have to say that the MPT didn't impress me. In the best air of the day, with a DA of -1,000, it was consistent. But it was also the slowest with the car running 14.1 every time. It had the advantage of the longest cool down too. I couldn't do a burnout with it after the first pass (the initial pass I was able to do a burnout to heat the drag radials; it was a cold day with frost on the car when we headed to the track), the transmission acted like it was on the stock tune and limited to 2,000 rpm with the brake on. I pulled the #47 fuse to defeat the adaptive transmission learning with no change.

Loaded the tune that Doug sent me last year when he was using my car to figure out how to get around the torque management system that limits the car to 2,000 rpm. With just the time it took to load the new tune and heading right back out to the burnout box the car had no problem with a burnout, taching up to stage was no problem, and the car ran 0.3 quicker. Every run 13.8 - with a hot lap and with a cool down of 45 minutes.

I then switched to Bama race tune that they updated for me. That also had no problems with a burnout and ran quicker than the MPT tune by 0.2. Every pass was 13.9.

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