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Originally Posted by dave2521 View Post
I decided to go to the ford dealer last night to just take a look at their lot. I have been considering buying a new mustang and trading in my focus for a while now. On the lot, I did not see any mustangs I liked so I decided that I would order one. Ended up ordering a DIB v6 Prem coupe, with MCA and Performance package and security package. Price before TTL was $24,559. I talked them into when I take delivery they will give me free tint and a gas card for $50. I think it was a great deal, but what do you guys think?

I did not have to put a deposit down (that was odd to me) so I can decline to buy when its delivered.
Congrats on your new order, dave2521! Be sure to PM me with your dealer’s name and order number so I can track it for you.

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