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S197 GT Auxiliary lamps over-ride switch

This afternoon I managed to locate the actuation/control wire for the Auxiliary lamps relay. Having done this, I find I can now control this relay from the cabin so these lamps can be on when the 'Hi' beams are engaged. I want those auxiliary lamps 'on' when I'm in 'Hi' beam mode to keep flooding the road as they do very well. (NOTE: I don't refer to these as 'fog' lamps; #1: the car's a fair-weather driver only and 2: these lights are positioned way too high to be 'fogs' (my opinion). I do like that they throw down a good light onto the road in front and to the sides without offending oncoming motorists. So... being as the car is up on blocks for the winter, I will carry on with this manual over-ride I plan, making sure it doesn't adversely affect the 'system' before taking you folks any further. So you may want to stay posted. So far.. so good... I've got exactly what I want.. nothing negative to mention thus far (although some of you might not want the added (illuminated) switch that I plan plan for the cockpit area. It's old school for sure (but it works!) So far, my plan with all of the techno-glitter of modern day 'works'. Right now I'm busy with extracting broken off spark plugs in this 3-valver V8 of mine (48K miles). Cheers!

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