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Originally Posted by kj_cinci

I think it's so cool Monty went 'back' and is okay / happy with it... is Jaq Jr there, here, yet?

The whole F1 thing is getting crazy with rules and such... Soon all will have the same motor and chassis, all built by Ferrari.... then it will be more like stock car racing and all up to the driver and maybe some strategy...?? Sad Michelin is out next year... Sad Kimi will be in a red car... sad Heiki will be in a friggin Renault, sad ****** Alonso will be in the uber cool McLaren... I hope Hakkinen make a comeback! Or Rosberg Sr. at least he admits to his heritage... friggin Jr says he's German... sigh... as you can see lotsa F1 issues for me... oh well.... guess I'll be a Ferrari fan like everybody else next year...
I feel ya dawg, and its always changing at F1, and not necessarily how you and I would like it. But I guess it makes Bernie Ecklestone more $$$$$$. It may be a more interesting season though with the great Schumi retired now.
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