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Originally Posted by MustangInTexas View Post
Cars in the 90s had a much sexier look to them. Including the Mustang. Then in the last decade, cars started to have to be more aggressive looking. This got more and more so and today cars have to be very aggressive looking or they're ugly. Maybe Ford can bring sexy back. There's nothing wrong with a sexy pony car, especially if it can blow the doors off everything else.
Mustangs have been good looking and they've been, well let's just be charitible and say "less" than their best.

It all comes down to personal taste and which of the manufacturers have the "edge" in any given year.

I bought a '14 GT because, for me Mustang is the clear "winner" right now vs Chevy and Chrysler..... I considered waiting but was concerned for what the '15 may look like......... that said recent photos look "OK" and I probably was worrying too much.

Still, it has't been all that long since Mustangs were so weak on performance and appearance that I don't remember a time when I wouldn't have even considered buying a Mustang. The 1990s were a tough period for Mustang, IMO. The '95 my brother owned was incredibly weak in comparison to the '96 Z/28SS I bough just a few months later.

In the 1990s? Sexy is not how I'd describe the appearance of Mustang but that's just my opinion..... more objective? Mustang performance vs LT1 and LS1 powered Camaros performance was a tough time to be a Ford buyer. The Camaro handled better and was considerable faster.

2003-2008 left you with no was Mustang or nothing.

2009 gave us the first competetive choice since '02.

These new Coyote powered Mustangs have both the appearance and power advantage over the Chevrolet offerings today. That's a wonderful change vs the '90s and it's likely to continue into the next generation!

About the only thing to recommend in a Camaro over Mustang now is the IRS. After 2015 even that may no longer be a debatable point.

Assuming they don't screw it up on appearance the 2015 could well be an awesome car......... might even make me regret not waiting!

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