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Originally Posted by cerebrix View Post
its a simple matter of, nobody was hardly buying the 2011+. not in the numbers they needed to to support an entire factory to it. especially with milennials. they just weren't interested in the retro look.

theyre a business, they need to turn a profit. the simple fact of the matter is, if the majority of people out there wanted the retro look mustang, they would have bought one instead of genesis coupes, Camaros, and brz's
Pricing in a tough economy matters too.

I love my new car but loaded up and with the track package it had a $42,000 price tag attached.......even after negotiation and rebates........ it was still damned near $37,000 to take it home......and that was only accomplished by pitting 3 dealers against each other.

These cars have serious competition at lower price points. Many of us think of this as a GM vs Ford vs Chrysler world where RETRO rules but few of the younger buyers feel nearly so limited. The reasonable priced "performance car" market is pretty niche in appeal and there are a lot of competitors now. So yeah, genesis coupes......even Hyundai offer BIG HP numbers in a coupe with mid range pricing.

Ford has been offering a GREAT CAR in the Mustang recently........they just don't have the pony car market all to themselves as they did for 5 years or so in the middle of the last decade. I expect the big sales numbers will be harder than ever to get to or sustain if they do get there.

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