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Originally Posted by cerebrix View Post
honestly, I really wonder if boosting is worth it when we're seeing people with times as good as 12.60 @ 108.39 MPH naturally aspirated.
also depends on what your goals are... i used to bang around in a MN12 Thunderbird.. which are heavy beasts.. it was a struggle to hit 13s NA... throw some boost on there and i was running mid 11s without the slicks

the faster you go.. the more money it takes.. and with the prices they charge for these things, it seems to cost more and more each year.. hell a dual bore performance throttle body for a Terminator Cobra you could pick up for a couple hundred new, maybe $150 used... it's $400 for the 3.7 and what does it really gain you without a tune and other mods?

even the wife noticed... its 300-500 for almost every "mod" on this car.. i used to get 2 or 3 before..
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