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Originally Posted by zer0null View Post
So I recently purchased a base model 2012 Mustang. I just installed an Airaid CAI. I have never modded a car before so I just wanted to make sure that what I am experiencing is normal.

When I really get into the throttle or the car has to work like going up hills and the trans stays in a higher gear I can really hear the engine now. What I mean is the growl is much more noticeable. I know this is probably a stupid question and people will say what else where you expecting but I just did not expect that much of a change in engine sound. I am not complaining just making sure the change was supposed to be that noticeable.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum and Congratulations on your new Mustang! Yes, all of the noises you're experiencing are completely normal. You're really going to hear the engine scream with a CAI on there!

Post up some pictures of your new Stang, we'd love to check it out. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or need some assistance!


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