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Originally Posted by moose_knuckle
I got the TI titanium from brenspeed. im not sure how big the MAF housing is but it seems to do the job very well. when i actually turned down the music and hit it kind of hard i could really hear the sucking sound...

I also can't get the 93 octane tune because california only has 91 gas .

I was thinking about my driving and i think i need to kick back. that extra power in high gears and stuff is way too much fun. I will be putting the MAC direct fit to stock H-pipe on real soon also...btw do i have to have my tune changed when i get that put on, i dont think i do cuz im not moving the catts but im just wondering.
You shouldn't need to do anything to the tune. It's only when you add headers to the mix that you really affect the airflow.

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