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If I would be the design leader I would have focused to keep this different looking aggressive Front ( magnet for european carenthusiasts) europeans got enough frog looking P.O.S. That they have to deal with allready.

So yeah I would have focused more into stabilizing the allready brilliant developed body.

I would leave the downsizing watertesting, where it belong to...china!

I would also kick some serious azzes in marketing as the Mustang shouldnt get renewed every year.

On a sidenote though:
I would also ditch the idea of rocketing a mustang with eco-boost.

Before my office would start to work I would start every morning with this prayer or oath, kind of...everyone should stand up lay his right hand onto his left chest and reapeat after me:

Built with american proud

Mustang is different/
Mustang is a legend/
Mustang doesnt need eco boost to last as a legend!
Mustang is a Magnet and a legend just right because its different


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