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Originally Posted by johnrhance View Post
I went to my appointment at the dealer this morning to have my car checked out. No one was very friendly (maybe they're not morning people?) so I didn't even bother asking about the XL-18. After waiting 2.5 hours, I am greeted with the news that "Yes, we are going to replace both lower control arms under warranty. But all the parts aren't in stock. Can you come back tomorrow morning?" I don't have time to get back to this dealer until a week from today since they are 50 miles away from me. He offered to get me a car during the service since it will take a few hours, but seemed hesitant when I gladly accepted the car and said he'd "try" to get me something.

I'm not terribly happy with how today played out, but I understand that shops can't keep every single part in stock and the diagnosis stage does take some time. Wish they were a little friendlier or more eager to help, but what can you do? I stopped by the Subaru dealer on the way home in frustration...
This is the reason I do not go to Lance, and I do have friends that work there. At my local dealer I actually have a good relationship with the service dept.
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