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Originally Posted by vivix View Post
Fuel and spark cutoffs have nothing to do with this btw- it was a mechanical over rev. Jamming it into 1st at the top of second will force the engine up to whatever speed that would require, probably a lot more than 8k (where your gauge stops).

Keep an eye on it, listen for anything weird, and change the oil/ trans fluid and look for anything scary in there
Well Paul........Yeah it Actually Does INDEED have something to Do with the Over Rev. that He Performed........
And the reason Why, is because at that Point (No Fuel, or Spark) It is Called a "COLD Over Rev.".....Therefore the Chances of Catastrophic Engine Failure IS Expediently Reduced!.....Compared to an Over Rev. that happens with the Engine actually Combusting!......
It is akin to Missing a Gear (But as I Stated, His Clutch most likely was the Mechanical Part that took the Most Damage.......


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