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Just to sum everything up. I clamped a vibrant 2.25" 12" stainless steel resonator from the stock H pipe to where the pipe is flattened (by the factory). Why it's like that who knows... The passenger side I used a 18" vibrant because I had more room. I only cut once on each pipe with a pipe cutter. Everything now clamped securely no vibration, most of drone gone. I clamped because I might someday re-fit the cut parts back in. All I'll need are those stainless steel band clamps. This whole ordeal was brought on because I bought Bassani axle backs. Maybe if I bought the Borla S or touring... Wife doesn't complain of the drone now. Paid about $120 total, several hours work in garage. Nice sound now. One day might get headers, so sound will change again, but that's in the future.

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